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View of the Seton Museum and Library at Philmont.


Welcome to the Philmont Document Archive pages! What started as a modest effort to make Philmont Trek Itinerary and Guidebook documents more available has grown beyond our expectations. In addition to a complete set of all dated Itinerary and Guidebooks documents, this site now offers a variety of other Philmont related documents as well as newspaper and magazine articles. Many items are long out of print and available only in the Seton Library at Philmont or in private collections.

These pages would not be possible if it were not for the generosity of several Scouters across the country and the Seton Library at Philmont. If you are interested in helping with what we call the "PEAKS Project" by providing documents to be scanned, send the webmaster a note.

Please Note: Permission to publish these copyrighted documents was graciously granted by the Philmont executive staff on November 10, 2005 and again on April 21, 2008. Feel free to use these documents for Boy Scout related activities but do not republish this work on other websites. Please provide links to this page instead.

Warning! These documents may or may not be usable for selecting a current year trek and are provided for reference or research only! Always consult the latest documentation for the current year when published!

Users with dial-up internet access must be aware that these documents can be very large. Most are ~3mb but some can be as large as ~16mb. Have fun.

Space for this web site is provided by Patriots' Path Council High Adventure Committee. Please take the time to visit our Watchu Experience website as well. It is devoted to supporting crews attending Philmont from Patriots' Path Council.

If you have a problem with these web pages or simply have a question, send the webmaster a note.


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