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Maps used at Philmont are special. While the land has not changed, the names of camps, trails and other items on interest do change over the years. It is easy to get a view of the evolution of the ranch by studying these maps. Warning! Some of the files below are very large (up to ~16mb). Users should be aware that some of the large color maps are scanned in segments and then stitched together using software. As a result, some distortions occur in isolated areas.

1952 Wall Map

1946 to 1950s Wall Map

Philturn 1941

1947 Map

Late 1950s Overall Wall Map

1958 Wall Map

Promotional Map ~1959

~1960 Wall Map

1960s-1970s Wall Map (used 1967)

1970 Wall Map

1973 Wall Map

Brochure Map Date unknown

1987 Overall Wall Map

1988 Souvenir  Wall Map


1991 Wall Map

1994 Overall Wall Map in B&W

1995 Wall Map

1995 Valle Vidal Map in B&W

1995 Baldy Area USGS Map in B&W

1998 Overall Map in B&W

1998 South Map in B&W


1998 Central Map in B&W


1998 Valle Vidal Map in B&W

2002 North Map


2002 North Map in B&W

2003 Central Map in B&W

2003 South Map

2003 South Map in B&W

2005 Northeast Map

2005 Northwest Map


2005 Southeast Map


2005 Southwest Map

2005 Valle Vidal


2006 North Country Front

2006 North Country Back

2006 South Country Front

2006 South Country Back

2009 Wall Map

2011 Wall Map

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