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Philmont published other handbooks and manuals for the benefit of campers and staff. Below are items that fall in the "other" category.

The items below are listed in somewhat random order trying to show documents from oldest to newest to aid historical research.


Philturn Camp 1940

As Philmont Goes 1947

Nature Guidebook 1947

Nature Guidebook 1 unknown 1940s

Nature Guidebook 2, 1947 & 1948

At Philmont 1949

Program Handbook 1952

Program Handbook 1950s?

Woodslore Survival #1 Date Unknown

Woodslore Survival #2 Date Unknown

Training Center Guidebook ~1983

OA Trekker Guide 1985

Philmont Nature Story 1960

Eagles Souring High for Christians and Jews 1987

1995 OA Staff Fieldbook

1996 OA Staff Fieldbook

1997 OA Staff Fieldbook

1998 OA Staff Fieldbook

1999 OA Staff Fieldbook


2001 Conservation Fieldbook

2001 OA Staff Fieldbook

2002 OA Staff Fieldbook

ROCS Fieldguide 2002


2004 OA Staff Fieldbook

2005 OA Staff_Fieldbook

Reserved for

2006 OA Staff Fieldbook


2007 OA Staff_Fieldbook

Reserved for

2008 OA Staff Fieldbook



Reserved for

2009 OA Staff Fieldbook



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